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Welcome to the Educated Athlete Blog!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Welcome to my website and blog!

Here, I'll be posting tips and information regarding education and ways to help student-athletes on their path to academic success!

This blog is for students, parents, or anyone looking to help improve their academic life, so please check back regularly for updates.

Here's a bit about me: I've devoted my professional life to understanding students, identifying academic problems, and providing solutions to these issues.

I've spent a tremendous amount of time as a student; it's no joke when I tell you that I enjoyed homework. I learned a vast amount of information in the humanities and social sciences. But what I truly extracted from my experience were skills. Transferable skills! As athletes, you have developed valuable transferrable skills from your experience in sports that you can apply to your academic life. I teach student-athletes how to identify these skills and how to apply them to academics.

Too many students have a stigma that has clouded their view of education. The boring, painful stigma that education equals suffering. For too many, this has made them dislike school. Some students have had terrible experiences with educators, which has affected how they feel about school. This, too, has caused some to run at the mere sound of the words academics, school, homework, and my favorite, read.

I don't believe that academic life needs to be painful. I don't think you have to wince in pain when you think about school. I can honestly say that the majority of my students have always remarked that my classes were educational and challenging but always fun. Knowing that was important to me because I never wanted a student avoiding class or thinking up jazzy excuses when they knew they had to meet with me.

This is my lengthy explanation of why I enjoy what I do and why I devoted my professional career to education. The bottom line is that I care. I want students to be successful. But to do that, they need to be equipped with the necessary skills.

Student-athletes became my focus when I started to see how they were falling through the academic cracks. Students would come to me over-stressed, overwhelmed, and ready to give up on academics and athletics. Sometimes, they would explain that they felt they were being singled out by educators who didn't like that they were athletes and felt that sports were in the way (not a regular occurrence, but it does happen).

Being aware of these complicated situations led me to expand my student group to junior high and high school. I realized that college was the culmination of the two, and prevention was the best preparation. Or, at the very least, I wanted to equip students with the knowledge they need to be ready. My mission became to reach these groups before they went to college and prepare and prevent academic mishaps and give students the best opportunity to succeed.

I'm here to guide you, your student-athlete, or your team in moving in the right academic direction!

I start with an assessment by listening and identifying best practices, and then we start!

The same process applies to groups and teams. I listen to everything about your team and build unique programming that reinforces your values, goals, and mission.

If you enjoyed this content or think it will be helpful to anyone you know, please share it via social media or otherwise.

I am on Twitter @eduathleteusa, so feel free to Tweet me or use the contact form on my website.

Contact me for details or with questions!


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