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Lauren E. Forcucci, Ph.D.
Founder of Educated Athlete

My Story

Educated Athlete came about after over a decade of teaching and advising in higher education and assisting student-athletes in achieving their academic goals.


While working with students, I saw a recurring problem: student-athletes were falling behind academically, losing their place on teams, and not reaching their full academic potential.


I began working with student-athletes after class to show them how to end this cycle by applying their athletic skills to their academic life.

The result was success, confidence, and motivation!

My students came to see that the methods I taught them worked.

Not only did I teach them academic and professional skills, but I prepared them for the next step.

I decided to expand my student reach to 7th-12th grade since I realized that college was the culmination of these years of education.


My mission is to work with these student-athletes before they reach college and help them to improve along the way.


My methods are unique and effective.

I've dedicated years of my professional experience to listening to students, observing the stressful situations that impact their academic lives, and discovering the best practices to show them how to solve their academic problems.

Student-athletes often struggle to balance academics with sports.

This is not always an easy task since both are demanding.

Often they are left feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and as if they have to choose between the two.

I have successfully guided numerous students to achieve their academic goals.

When student-athletes work with me, they are taught how to apply their athletic skills to their academic life.


I believe all students deserve the opportunity to achieve academic success. 

But, the only possible way is by developing the necessary skills that will give them the ability to conquer academic challenges. 

Athletes have these skills.

They just need to be taught how to apply them.


Let me show you how!

Services are available for student-athletes from grades 7-12 as well as college.

I am located in Massachusetts and offer in-person and online services.


I was a college professor and advisor for over a decade:

  • During that time, I worked closely with student-athletes to ensure they achieved their academic goals.

My academic and professional background includes:

  • I taught and advised at both private and public higher education institutions in Massachusetts.

  • I have earned multiple Master's degrees from Brandeis University.

  • Also, I earned a Ph.D. from Salve Regina University.

  • In addition, I earned certifications in pedagogy from Brandeis University and a CAGS from Salve Regina University.​

I have successfully:

  • Worked with numerous student-athletes in junior high, high school, college, and sports teams in developing their academic and professional skills and providing guidance through the college process.

  • Guided high school juniors in navigating the college process.

  • Provided essay coaching to numerous students who were accepted into colleges such as Fordham University, Tulane University, Bryant University, Bentley University, Brandeis University, Middlebury College, and Providence College (and others).

  • Developed individualized programs for teams that meet the needs and mission of the team that are both short-term and long-term.

  • Created educational programs throughout my extensive education experience that taught students how to successfully set and achieve their goals while building confidence and resilience.

  • Taught student-athletes how to apply their athletic skills to their academic life and build strong habits that prepare them for a successful future.

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